'Big Brother 15's' GinaMarie Zimmerman has Playboy in her sights

ginamarie-zimmerman-big-brother-playboy.jpgIt was probably a hard transition into the real world after living in the "Big Brother 15" house -- at least for the contestants who were caught on camera saying racist, homophobic or misogynistic things. GinaMarie Zimmerman actually lost her job because of it. Luckily she has a backup plan.

Zimmerman tells TMZ that despite the fact that her friends feel she is too old for the men's magazine (GM was 32 last summer when she did "Big Brother"), she's determined to be in it. So much so that she made some sample photos, one of which is above.

"I'm a huge fan of Playboy and a collector," says Zimmerman. "So I took these pictures on my own to show people you can do anything no matter what age."

Something tells us her age might not have anything to do with not getting asked to pose for Playboy.
Photo/Video credit: TMZ