'Big Brother' nominee for Best Reality Personality

Willkirby_bigbrotherallstars_240 Zap2It has started an awesome project this summer and everyone's favorite "Big Brother" personality is nominated.

The aughts are drawing to a close and Zap2It is commemorating them by holding polls for Best TV Characters. There are easy categories, like Best Mom or Best Love Triangle, and there are totally out-there categories like Best Boozer and Best Secret Agent.

One of the polls live right now is Best Reality Personality and "Big Brother's" own Evil Dr. Will Kirby is nominated. I'll be honest... I think he should win. A lot of the other nominees were famous before their reality stint. He's famous FOR his reality stint and he is my favorite all-time character on any reality show ever. Shhh, don't tell the "American Idol" blog.

Head on over right now to cast your vote for Best Reality Personality.