Bill Klein of 'The Little Couple' Speaks ...

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Bill_Klein_Little_Couple.jpgThis Q&A with Bill Klein, the male half of TLC's Tuesday-night reality hit "The Little Couple," doesn't appear in print until next week, but, because I appreciate my loyal Cuppers, and because the show has been a good friend to HCTV, here you go...

(BTW, there'll be more to come to coincide with the show's season finale on Feb. 23) ...

Q: The show has a fan page on the social networking site Facebook. Do you visit it?


A: I'll tell ya, Facebook is one of those addictions we (Klein and his wife, pediatrician Dr. Jennifer Arnold) have. We're addicted to seeing what we did wrong, from the fan perspective. So far, it's been really benign, great comments: "You guys are really inspirational, down to earth," all those things. I'm thrilled that the good stuff that we've been hoping would resonate, has.


Q: So, despite being both under 4 feet tall, you're just regular people?


A: That's really it. There really isn't much to it. There's no magic, unfortunately.


Q: What's it like being reality TV celebrities?


A: From our perspective, one of the things that's unique is we're really, reallyBill_Klein_Jen_Arnold_Little_Couple.jpg uncomfortable with the idea of being a celebrity. So when we walk through the airport, it's really flattering when people come up to us and are asking for pictures and stuff. For instance, last night, we were on our way to L.A., we're walking through the airport, and it was every other person. It was a 45-year-old man with a business suit on, somebody that moves baggage that happened to be walking through the same hallway, some gal that's 22, some guy that's 33. Am I lying? Am I exaggerating at all? It was the weirdest thing.


Q: To what do you attribute the show's success?


A: That's a good question. My wife's wonderful, big smile, if I had to guess.