Billboard Music Awards 2011: Selena Gomez walks the red carpet without Justin Bieber

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If you're continuing your watch of reported couple, pop star Justin Bieber and Disney starlet Selena Gomez, we have some news coming from the Billboard Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday (May 22).

According to witnesses, Bieber and Gomez arrived to the event together. Yet despite hopes that they would walk the red carpet together, Gomez walked it alone, did some quick interviews, then ran into the MGM Grand with about ten minutes to spare before the program started. And now reports are coming in that the two are sitting together.

While Gomez has declined to confirm whether she's officially dating the pop singer, Bieber doesn't seem as secretive. The two attended a show for up and coming artist, Ernie Halter, in Costa Mesa, Calif. And after singing with Halter onstage, Bieber appears to say, "Give it up for Ernie Halter everybody... and my beautiful girlfriend over there [gesturing toward Gomez]."

Bieber is nominated for 11 Billboard Awards including Top Artist, Top Male Artist, and Top Pop Album for "My World 2.0." The couple are both presenting.

Do you think Bieber should have walked the red carpet with his gal pal?
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images; ABC