Billboard Music Awards 2012 red carpet: Katy Perry and Carrie Underwood and more lighten things up

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billboard-red-carpet-light-colors.jpgThere was not one specific color dominating the 2012 Billboard Music Awards red carpet, but we did notice a trend - hardly any of the women were rocking the bright colors. It was a very subdued carpet, color-wise.

For example, above we have Morticia Addams Katy Perry in light purple, Miley Cyrus in a white waiter's jacket (and nothing else!), Carrie Underwood in gray Oscar de la Renta and Jordin Sparks rocking the cream.

Below, we have Dee Hilfiger, Nelly Furtado, Kerli (who at least spiced things up with bright pink ... thigh-highs) and Brandi. Who do you think is rocking the light colors the best?


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images