Billboard Music Awards 2013: Is Psy going to pee himself in his next video?

While walking the 2013 Billboard Music Awards carpet, it sounded like Korean Internet sensation Psy announced that he was going to "pee himself" for his next music video. Is that the only thing that could top "Gangnam Style"?

Psy's entire interview on the carpet was rather entertaining -- only partially because of the "Gangnam Style" and "Gentleman" singer's broken English.

Starting off with a good joke, Psy's response to his interviewer's question about the inspiration for his outfit was hilarious. Without missing a beat, the pop star replied, "To cover my body shape."

He kept up the insanity when asked for the details of his signature sunglasses. His explanation for them? "I tried to keep this pink ..." referring to his hot pink cuffs ... "with this pink," pointing to his sunglasses that were not at all pink. It made no sense. That's why it was so entertaining.

Following a strange birthday analogy that probably meant he'd be more excited about the awards show tomorrow, the host asked Psy about his next project and got an answer she definitely wasn't expecting.

Here is Psy's full response:

"I cannot top 'Gangnam Style' forever, so it was kind of syndrome. And let me call that 'rookie syndrome.' You know, I've been at this for 12 years, but I'm a rookie in this country. That was about it. And for the next one, I'm going to pee myself."

Yes, he might have said he was "going to **be" himself. But honestly, "pee" works well too. This is Psy, after all.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images