Billy Ray Cyrus releases rap/rock/EDM version of 'Achy Breaky Heart': Top 5 funniest moments from the music video


More than two decades after the original, Billy Ray Cyrus released a follow-up version to his one-hit-wonder song "Achy Breaky Heart" on Tuesday (Feb. 11). 

Titled "Achy Breaky 2," the song is actually by some rapper named Buck 22 and features the father of Miley Cyrus on backup vocals and guitar ... and it's a hot, hot mess. It's some sort of weird, rap/rock/EDM hybrid, and the music video is filled with thong bikini-wearing, twerking, hookah-smoking aliens. No joke.

This thing is so insane, we decided to highlight the five funniest, weirdest and saddest moments of the music video. You're welcome.

5. Larry King was in on it, and introduces the song with a fake news bulletin that a UFO was spotted. Hey, instead of apologizing for the fake news blast, how about you apologize for collaborating on this?


4. Cyrus gets abducted by the aliens. If only this were real, and he never came back ...


3. The scantily clad aliens start twerking. Because of course.


2. Which of course prompts a shout out to his daughter, the queen of twerking: "Miley keeps twerkin', daddy's song is workin'." Um, no, it's not.


1. An alien blows hookah smoke into his face. Nice.


Bonus hilarious moment: As Cyrus is walking away at the end, some random dude shouts, "My grandma loves you, man!"

Check out the whole train wreck below:

Photo/Video credit: Vevo