Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds wedding photos and details emerge: But no dress pics!

blake-lively-ryan-reynolds-wedding-photo.jpgWhen Martha Stewart Weddings announced they'd secured exclusive right to the photos from Blake Lively's wedding to Ryan Reynolds, we practically salivated. After all, the notoriously private style icon and her hunky husband haven't exactly been forthcoming about their relationship, so a peek at their big day was highly coveted. Not to mention, given the spectacular way she dresses for a trip to the grocery store, her wedding dress was bound to be one for the ages.

Not so fast! The photos were published in Martha Stewart's magazine this week -- and there are no photos of the dress! In fact, the highly-publicized cover of the mag is simply her bouquet.

Yes, the magazine offers little glimpses of their wedding day -- a decadent desert table, Lively's bouquet, and cameo silhouette cards that they handed out to the guests. There's a close-up shot of the couple holding hands immediately after saying their vows, but again, there are no actual faces or bodies in the photo. Just the hands.

blake-lively-ryan-reynolds-cover-martha-stewart-living.jpgThis is basically as disappointing as finding out that Dan Humphrey is Gossip Girl all over again.

"Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are no strangers to a sea of cameras aimed at them," reads the article. "But when they decided to marry, they wanted to celebrate in privacy--and in style. And while they remain protective of images of them on their most heartfelt occasion, they graciously let us share pictures of the elements we created together."

Here are some of the details: Some petals in Lively's bouquet were dipped in rose-gold glitter to match the embroidery on her Marchesa gown, which we don't get to see. The guests dined on strawberry shortcakes, lemon tarts, and s'mores bars. In the center of the dessert table was a "vanilla-and-sour-cream wedding cake with peach-apricot preserves and Earl Grey-milk chocolate buttercream made by Maggie Austin Cake in Alexandria, Virginia."

These could pretty much be from anybody's Pinterest page. Sigh.

Photo/Video credit: Martha Stewart Weddings