'Blossom' bud Jenna von Oy is pregnant

jenna-von-oy-brad-bratcher.jpgJenna von Oy, best known as "Blossom" BFF Six, is expecting her first child.

Von Oy and her husband of more than a year, Brad Bratcher, will welcome a baby girl in June. Making things even happier, the mom-to-be informed her hubby of the news on their one-year wedding anniversary.

"We agreed on no presents, but I told him that I had something that was very, very small, which it was -- at the time it was the size of an appleseed," the star tells People. "I handed him a handmade that card and when he opened it up, it said, 'You're going to be a daddy,' and it had the EPT test underneath. It was the most beautiful evening!"

Von Oy lives in Nashville, where she works as both an actress and a singer/songwriter. She tells People that she and Bratcher are currently thinking of the perfect baby name and deciding on a nursery theme.

"We've always wanted children, and we wanted to start having a family right away," she says. "We're so excited!"
Photo/Video credit: People