'Boardwalk Empire': New trailer brings the action, plus Season 2 pics

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The latest trailer for "Boardwalk Empire" takes the opposite approach from the moody, quiet teaser released a few weeks ago.

Which is to say, there's about 100 percent more explosions and machine gun-toting Klansmen in this one.

The new teaser has a multitude of scenes from the second season of the HBO series, which premieres Sept. 25. You'll also see Al Capone ( Stephen Graham) deliver an ultimatum, Van Alden ( Michael Shannon) promise "Heads will roll" and Lucky Luciano ( Vincent Piazza) propose a new avenue of business to Jimmy ( Michael Pitt).

It may look and feel quite a bit different from the previous trailer, but it has the same effect: making us really want to get our hands on the new season.

Here are some pictures from Season 2, starting with Nucky ( Steve Buscemi), Chalky ( Michael K. Williams) and a new character named Lenore, played by Natalie Wachen.

boardwalk-empire-s2-nucky-chalky.jpgNucky meets with his ward bosses.

boardwalk-empire-s2-nucky-bosses.jpgJimmy has a moment with his family.

boardwalk-empire-s2-jimmy-family.jpgHarrow ( Jack Huston) guards a shipment of liquor.

boardwalk-empire-s2-harrow.jpg"Boardwalk Empire's" second season premieres Sunday, Sept. 25 on HBO.

Photo/Video credit: HBO