Bob Fosse not great on 'So You Think You Can Dance' with Alex Wong, Lauren Gottlieb

"So You Think You Can Dance" season 7 favorite Alex Wong drew Broadway/Bob Fosse and partner Lauren Gottlieb for his second week in the finals. Unfortunately, choreographer Tyce Diorio did not seem to know his Bob Fosse for their "Summertime" number.

The number had a few classic "Fosse" moves, but ultimately it seemed to lack heart or pizzazz. We don't think Alex Wong will be in any danger -- he's extraordinarly talented -- but it wasn't the greatest number of the night.

If you're interested in Bob Fosse's work, he choreographed "The Pajama Game," "White Christmas" and "Sweet Charity," among others. For an excellent biography of his life, check out Roy Scheider and Fosse himself in "All That Jazz."

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