'Bones' baby: First look at the little one from 'The Prisoner in the Pipe'

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bones-baby.jpgWhen "Bones" returns from its loooooong winter hiatus on Monday, April 2, we'll finally meet the Brennan-Booth offspring.

While we've seen the episode in question -- "The Prisoner in the Pipe" -- we don't want to spoil too much about it, so all we'll reveal is that the birth does not take place in a hospital ( which you could likely guess from the promo FOX released last week), but Brennan will be a mom (and Booth a dad again) by the end of the episode.

We're not gonna tell you the name of the precious baby girl -- though we will hint that its reveal is most certainly an "awwwwww"-worthy moment -- we will share with you the photos from the episode that FOX just released, which include our first glimpse at the bundle of joy.

Here's the official episode description: "The remains of an escaped convict are found in a residential sewer, but an examination of the sewer pipes indicates that the murder occurred within prison walls. Brennan insists on solving the crime -- despite Booth's pleas for her not to overexert herself -- and the expectant couple experiences a very untraditional arrival of their baby daughter."

bones-booth-707.jpg bones-baby-707-prison.jpg bones-707-prisoner-in-the-pipe-2.jpg

Photo/Video credit: FOX