'Bones': Brooke Langton cast as Brennan's long-dead mother

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bones-brennan-mom-cast-brooke-langton-fox-gi.jpgChristine Brennan died years before the present events on "Bones." The show's season 1 finale proved that when Dr. Temperance Brennan ( Emily Deschanel) found her mother's bones in storage at the Jeffersonian. So how is it that "Bones" has just cast Brooke Langton in the role of Christine?

It all has to do with trauma.

Langton, a former star of "Melrose Place" will play Christine in a series of hallucinations (or are they visions?) experienced by Dr. Brennan after a near-death experience, TVGuide.com reports. Previously seen only in a video message left for her daughter, the character of Christine Brennan was originally played by Larisa Miller.

Brennan, the most rational of scientists on "Bones," will have to deal not only with the feelings she has about a mother who went on the run with her husband, Max ( Ryan O'Neal), when Temperance was a teenager. That would be hard enough. But Temperance Brennan will also have to face the fact that she can't entirely explain away her maternal visions with science.

Series creator Hart Hanson explained that Brennan "learns something in the after-death experience that she can't explain, and that is troubling for her."

The season 8 episode in which Langton appears as Brennan's mother will air at some point in 2013.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images