'Bones': Could Booth and Brennan's baby be the newest squintern?

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bones-baby.jpgBooth and Brennan finally welcome their baby girl during the "Bones" mid-season premiere on Monday, April 2, but there's a major twist involved.

"The baby is actually born as a full-fledged forensic anthropologist, and helps them with their cases," jokes executive producer Stephen Nathan on the Paley Fest red carpet. "It's remarkable because those tiny little hands can reach right inside the skull, and it is fabulous to see! The dialogue's tough for us, because she changes her all the time."

Actually, the twist is that the birth happens somewhere quite out of the ordinary. "Brennan goes into labor in prison," star Emily Deschanel explains. "We don't make it to the hospital. It's very dramatic. It changes their life. It's a beautiful moment in the end, as dramatic and crazy and angry as Brennan is in the middle of labor, it's a beautiful, beautiful time."

Deschanel tells Zap2it that parenthood will be good for Brennan. "I think it softens Brennan, to become a mother. I think she becomes a little more vulnerable. It's wonderful to see that part of her, and see her become so connected to another human being, and to open herself up and let her guard down a bit."

But creator Hart Hanson says that being a mom will also be difficult for the character. "If anyone wants to be a super mom and a super woman, it's Brennan. If anyone can do it, it's her -- but no one can do it. So she has to learn how to lean on other people and delegate and give things up, and she has a hard time with it because she just wants to do everything."

Nathan adds, "She has to learn how to accept help from Booth, which is equally difficult for her. So their relationship goes through a lot. It's not just all ease and happiness."

Star David Boreanaz also hints at that complicated dynamic for his character and Brennan. "I think he's excited," he tells Zap2it. "He's determined to be a good father and it shows. [But] his controlling self is going to drive her crazy and her controlling self is going to drive him crazy -- I think they have different points of view and they'll be clashing and it's going to be a mess. It's not going to be happy. It was never happy with 'I Love Lucy,' was it? There were always problems. So there'll be problems."

They'll work out some of those problems with their friends Hodgins and Angela, who are also dealing with new parenthood while raising their son. "It's been really fun to sneak in some scenes with them at the crime scenes with Hodgins talking about babysitters and Angela talking about breastfeeding -- of course, in 'Bones' fashion, over bodies," says Michaela Conlin.

TJ Thyne says that Hodgins and Booth will talk parenthood too. "That whole relationship between Booth and Hodgins is pretty funny -- that Booth would ever take advice from Hodgins makes you kind of laugh, and him not wanting to take the advice will make it even funnier when Jack is correct."

John Francis Daley
has a suggestion for how his character could help out. " I think Sweets should psychoanalyze the baby and figure out what makes her tick, why she cries at night."