'Bones,' 'Mad Men' and more best lines from the week of May 18-24

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best-lines-bones-mad-men-game-of-thrones.jpgThe spring semester of TV is winding down, but there are still a few gems to be had. Here are the best lines from the week of May 18-24.


Jack Crawford
: "Hannibal thinks you're his man in the room. I think you're mine."

: "When the moment comes, will you do what needs to be done?"

"Modern Family"

: "I'm not so sure about the magic trick. It's a wedding, don't you think people should be focused on Cam and Mitch?"
Phil: "I'm hoping so, it will be the perfect misdirect."


Miles, to the captured, evil president of the United States: "Have a nice trip, sweetheart. Enjoy all the ... torture."

"Mad Men"

Peggy: "I just turned 30, Don."
Don: "S***. When?"

"Game of Thrones"

Littlefinger: "A lot can happen between now and never."

Tyrion, to Jaime: "You're the golden son. You can kill a king, lose a hand, f*** your own sister; you'll always be the golden son."

Melisandre, to Selyse: "When I looked into the flames this morning, the Lord spoke to me. He said, 'Tonight you will have your last good bath in a long while. Make it count.' [ awkward silence] A joke. Not a very good one, I'm afraid."

Oberyn, of Cersei: "It is rare to meet a Lannister who shares my enthusiasm for dead Lannisters."

Robin, to Sansa of Winterfell: "Why did you leave?"
Sansa: "It's a long story."

Littlefinger, before pushing Lysa out the Moon Door: "Oh, my sweet wife. My sweet, silly wife. I have only loved one woman. Only one, my entire life. Your sister."


Woman, about Abe and Anna: "Trust me, there's no love lost between those two."


: "Could you drink enough booze to explode?"
Hodgins: "I actually did the math on that in college."

Hodgins: "Fisher is just starting to realize that murderers are bad."

Brennan: "You kept C4 in our garage?"

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