'Bones' photo preview: Will a deadly illness derail another romance for Cam in 'The Pathos in the Pathogen'

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Back in Season 2, the relationship between the newly arrived Cam ( Tamara Taylor) and Booth ( David Boreanaz) ended abruptly after the new Jeffersonian boss was poisoned by a serial killer. Could another deadly pathogen end the new relationship between Cam and Arastoo Vaziri ( Pej Vahdat)? That's one of only many questions brought up by photos from this "Bones" episode.

This time, the disease in question is a potential viral outbreak linked to the Jeffersonian's murder investigation.

The squintern of the week is, unfortunately for relationship issues, Mr. Vaziri. Considering this is supposed to be a viral outbreak, he won't be able to leave.

bones-the-pathos-in-the-pathogen-1-vaziri-brennan-fox.jpgWhatever the disease, danger is in the air. The danger is so great that the team has to wear hazmat suits for part of the investigation.

bones-the-pathos-in-the-pathogen-2-hazmat-suits-fox.jpgEven our capable heroes may need some help. Lennie Loftin guest-stars as a scientist who may hold the key to saving the day.

bones-the-pathos-in-the-pathogen-3-lennie-loftin-emily-deschanel-fox.jpgBut does this man not want to help for some reason?

bones-the-pathos-in-the-pathogen-4-david-boreanaz-lennie-loftin-fox.jpgBooth isn't going to allow him to avoid helping out.

"The Pathos in the Pathogen" airs on Monday, April 22 at 8pm on FOX.

Photo/Video credit: FOX