'Bones' photos: Pelant returns for 'The Corpse in the Canopy'

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bones-corpse-in-the-canopy-photos-1-hodgins-angela-fox.jpgEverybody's favorite genius/tech-geek/psychopathic killer is back in the upcoming "Bones" episode, "The Corpse in the Canopy." And, as always, the evil Christopher Pelant is turning everything into part of his personal vendetta against the Jeffersonian.

The difference is that this time Hodgins and Angela are the most direct targets.

The latest of Pelant's (guest star Andrew Leeds) attempts to terrify and destroy our "Bones" heroes begins when Hodgins ( T.J. Thyne) and Angela ( Michaela Conlin) awaken to discover an unpleasant surprise atop the canopy of their bed. Somehow, Pelant has placed a dead body up there.

bones-corpse-in-the-canopy-photos-2-brennan-booth-fox.jpgAt least this time it doesn't look like anyone at the Jeffersonian is a strong suspect. DA Caroline Jordan ( Patricia Belcher) shows up to deal with the case, but at least she's working with the team.

bones-corpse-in-the-canopy-photos-3-caroline-fox.jpgSince the corpse seems to be nothing but fleshy, dripping bones (yuck), the main parts of the investigation fall to Cam ( Tamara Taylor) and Brennan ( Emily Deschanel).

bones-corpse-in-the-canopy-photos-4-brennan-cam-fox.jpgBut will there be any clues they can actually use? Pelant has been hard to pin down before.

bones-corpse-in-the-canopy-photos-5-brennan-fox.jpgEven tying the psycho to this recent killing might be hard -- everyone has to look at all the evidence.

bones-corpse-in-the-canopy-photos-6-hodgins-cam-fox.jpgStill, we all know Pelant did it. And he's going to have a little more trouble getting away this time. Especially with Booth ( David Boreanaz) on the trail.

bones-corpse-in-the-canopy-photos-7-booth-fox.jpgBooth really doesn't like Pelant now. Not after the serial killer forced Brennan to go on the run at the end of last season.

bones-corpse-in-the-canopy-photos-8-christopher-pelant-fox.jpgWill Pelant win this one or will the Jeffersonian? We will find out when "The Corpse in the Canopy" airs on Monday, Jan. 21 at 8pm on FOX.

Photo/Video credit: FOX