'Bones' photos: Vik Sahay of 'Chuck' is a suspect

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bones-the-twist-in-the-plot-vik-sahay-chuck-fox.jpgI'm as geeky as the next TV nerd when it comes to actors from one beloved show guest-starring on another one. Thus, my excitement over "Chuck" actor Vik Sahay guest-starring on the upcoming "Bones" episode, "The Twist in the Plot."

Sahay will play Akshay Mirza, the business partner of one of the week's murder victims. Yes, that plural is on purpose: The case of the week begins with the team finding not one but two bodies in a single burial plot.

bones-the-twist-in-the-plot-1-chuck-fox.jpgThis is both suspicious and crowded.

bones-the-twist-in-the-plot-2-chuck-fox.jpgThe photos from the episode make it look like the Akshay character is devastated by the loss of his partner.

bones-the-twist-in-the-plot-vik-sahay-chuck-2-fox.jpgIf he's not devastated, what is Sahay doing on the ground? And doesn't it oddly look like he's a child when holding the hand of Brennan ( Emily Deschanel) that way?

Throughout the five-season run of "Chuck," Vik Sahay played the character of Lester Patel, a member of the Buy More's Nerd Herd and the dulcet-voiced lead singer of the band, Jeffster. Sahay also appeared recently in the latest "American Pie" movie, "American Reunion."

"The Twist in the Plot" airs on Monday, Jan. 28 at 8pm on FOX.

Photo/Video credit: FOX