'Bones' preview: Behind-the-scenes photos reveal 150th episode secrets

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bones-the-ghost-in-the-machine-150th-episode-behind-the-scenes-1-emily-deschanel-fox.jpgFor the landmark 150th episode of "Bones," we get a story told from a very unusual point of view: "The Ghost in the Machine" is seen entirely through the eyes of the murder victim's skull.

This perspective means that we see a lot of the "Bones" actors in extreme close-up, examining the skull as they go about their business. How did the show actually create this illusion? A collection of behind-the-scenes photos from the episode explain it.

As you can probably guess, the actors are not actually looking at a skull when we see them peering intensely at our screens. That's a camera they're looking at.

This means, in many cases, that the camera had to be placed in some unusual locations and at a low angle. The photo above shows Brennan ( Emily Deschanel) and Booth ( David Boreanaz) right after the remains are discovered. Just picture a skull instead of a camera in Brennan's hands, and you can understand the scene.

The camera positioning remains complicated even back at the lab. Since we always see the squints bent over their work, that shouldn't change. This is how you get a close-up view of Hodgins ( T.J. Thyne) examining the skull for particulates.

In a few cases, the camera doesn't have to be quite so low. It makes sense for her work that Angela would look directly at a skull. Thus, in this scene with Michaela Conlin and guest star Cyndi Lauper (as the psychic Avalon Harmonia), the camera gets to move up slightly.

The results of all of this will be scene in the "Bones" 150th episode, "The Ghost in the Machine," airing on Monday, Dec. 3 at 8pm on FOX.

Photo/Video credit: FOX