'Bones' preview: Booth and Brennan search for the sniper

So much surveillance! When "Bones" returns from its mini-hiatus on Mar. 10, Booth ( David Boreanaz) and Brennan ( Emily Deschanel) return to their search for serial sniper Jacob Broadsky ( Arnold Vosloo).

And from the looks of these photos from "The Killer in the Crosshairs," it looks like several stakeouts are involved, which, by our best estimates, would make Booth the Emilo Estevez and Brennan the Rosie O'Donnell. ( Or maybe they're both Richard Dreyfus?)

bones-crosshairs-2.jpgWe may have mentioned this before. But we can't tell you how excited we are for the rest of Season 6, with Booth and Brennan back their buddy-buddy banter without Hannah casting a pall over their charming crime-fighting.

bones-crosshairs-3.jpgIt also seems unclear how close to home this sniper storyline is going to hit. We'd heard rumblings that he'd take out one of the Jeffersonian gang, but the promo for upcoming episodes are decidedly whimsical.

bones-crosshairs-4.jpgFor now, the sniper seems to still be claiming victims w aren't familiar with -- unless you recognize the man in that driver's license.

bones-crosshairs-5.jpgReally, of all the drama that transpires around the new "evil Booth," we're most concerned with what terrible act prompts regular Booth to ditch his handsome suits for sweatpants and a hoodie. That is scary.

Photo/Video credit: FOX