'Bones' preview: First look at the 'Finder' backdoor pilot

bones-finder-1.jpgAfter months of discussion, the backdoor pilot for potential "Bones" spin-off "Finder" debuts on FOX, April 21.

And if this first batch of photos is any indication, Booth ( David Boreanaz) and Brennan ( Emily Deschanel) will be taking a bit of a backseat to a new trio when they head down to the Florida Everglades to solve a murder.

Filmed on location in the Miami area, "Finder" features Geoff Stults in the titular role as expert locator Walter Sherman. He's joined by two colleagues, Ike Latulippe ( Saffron Burrows) and Leo Knox ( Michael Clark Duncan).

bones-finder-2.jpgAs previously reported, Sherman is a former solider who served with Booth. They don't have the most harmonious relationship -- which would explain the table wrestling.

bones-finder-3.jpgWe don't know much about this southern iteration of the Jeffersonian gang, but we do respect their commitment to casual wear.

bones-finder-5.jpgAs for Brennan, she doesn't seem to share any of Booth's animosity towards the new crew. [Sidenote: we don't know if we're more excited to see how this new series might play out... or to learn the significance of "Ninja vs Samurai."]

Excited to see "Finder" -- or are you wearing your skeptical glasses today?
Photo/Video credit: FOX