'Bones' preview: Sniper returns for penultimate Season 6 episode

"Bones" Season 6 comes to an end May 19 with the ambiguously-titled "The Change in the Game" -- but before a potential Booth ( David Boreanaz) and Brennan ( Emily Deschanel) hook-up (or just a cruel bowling joke), there will be one more visit from recurring nemesis Jacob Broadsky ( Arnold Vosloo) on the May 12 episode.

The serial sniper claims another victim in "The Hole in the Heart," forcing Booth to increase his focus on the manhunt. This includes working with a young agent named Genny Shaw (guest star Tina Majorino), whose lack of experience puts them both in danger.

bones-hole-heart-2.jpgThis being his last appearance of the season, it also stands to be Broadsky's last trip to "Bones" ever. Producers have been coy about whether the arc would tie up this season or carry over into the fall.

bones-hole-heart-3.jpgAnd since this is the final sniper episode of the season, now would be the time to knock off a recurring character, as producers have hinted since last summer. An episode description says a bullet meant for Booth takes out someone else instead, and the episode's title ("The Hole in the Heart") certainly sounds a bit foreboding.

bones-hole-heart-4.jpgAt least in the confines of the Jeffersonian, it looks to be business as usual, with Mr. Nigel-Murray ( Ryan Cartwright) assisting for the week.

Photo/Video credit: ABC