'Bones': Producers Barry Josephson and Ian Toynton on what's to come

barry-josephson-ian-toynton-320.jpgAfter last week's game-changing 100th episode of "Bones," what will happen with Booth and Brennan?

Korbi TV took the query to executive producers Barry Josephson and Ian Toynton.

"[With the 100th episode] we did accomplish a great prequel [to the Booth and Brennan story]," Josephson says in the clip below. "And now, Ian, where do we go?"

"I'm looking forward to finding that out as well, because I actually don't know," Toynton says. "You'll have to ask [creator] Hart [Hanson] where it's going to go. Wherever it does go, I'm sure it'll be as good as it has been, if not better. That's what we're aiming for."

But since Toynton directed the season finale, we had to pry a bit more.

"Like all of the shows, there's a balance," Toynton teases. "A wonderful balance between the emotional side that really does touch you, and moments of laughter, which is I think a very clever balance where the writing is so good on the show."

Take a look...

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