'Bones': Requiem for an arch nemesis

bones-bullet-in-the-brain-gravedigger-320.jpgWe hope you didn't have an attachment to the head you see to your left, because its body certainly doesn't anymore.

Gravedigger Heather Taffet ( Deirdre "ironic last name" Lovejoy), whose presence was first felt in Season 2 on "Bones," is no more.

The events of "The Bullet in the Brain" have been a season in the making, with rumblings of her final appearance starting in Summer 2010. But none of that could have prepared us for her shocking and speedy exit. So let's get right to it.

For the Squints:
  • Taffet and Sweets (John Francis Daley) are in an armored car, en route to the court house where she'll have her appeal hearing. She goes full sociopath on him, telling him he looks like a little boy in his father's suit and that he's the weakest link in the Jeffersonian Scooby gang, stopping just short of calling him "Clarice." You could say she's trying to bury him alive... in his own feelings.
  • When they arrive at the court house, Booth (David Boreanaz) sees a guy with a camcorder and you can tell from the look he makes that he thinks it might be a gun. (Hannah just Netflix'd "The Bodyguard.") He's about to make a move for him when OH MY GOD HER HEAD EXPLODED.
  • The Gravedigger is dunzo in every sense of the word. And the mega-bullet that decapitated her proceeded to burrow into a granite wall. Do normal bullets do that -- or did this bullet study at the Angela Montenegro Academy of Unrealistic Technology?
  • Caroline Julian (Patricia Belcher) is apoplectic about all of this -- even though she's happy it happened. And Sweets isn't doing much better either. He's put Taffet's pre-death soliloquy on his iPod, which has the opposite effect of "Put the Lime in the Coconut." You'd think therapists would have more self-esteem.
  • Brennan (Emily Deschanel) is upset about Booth putting her father, Max, on the suspect list. (Why... Because he tried to snipe the gravedigger before?) Ryan O'Neil has a reality show to film, so we're pretty sure it's not him. Also: we know it's that guy from "The Mummy."
  • Just kidding! There's Max, and he says he didn't do it. Angela (Michaela Conlin) also says there's no way he could have.
  • Booth and Brennan go to the apartment where Angela's magical tool of the week tells them to, and they establish that the sniper had a clear shot - and, for him to get it, he must be elite enough to have kept company with Booth. They find a murdered escort in a bathtub, just to make it clear that this isn't the "Dexter" of snipers.
  • It's narrowed down to six suspects, and Booth knows all of them. At first, they go for the wrong dude (It's the guy from "The Mummy!"), but after a quick commercial break, Booth sort of figures this out too. The real sniper? Booth's mentor, Jake Brodsky, who's been AWOL for some years now.
  • Apparently the guy with the camcorder is involved. He ordered the hit, but only after the sniper offered it. That will totally hold up in court.
  • This is where things get a tad confusing. The sniper purchased a lot of land under the name "Seeley Booth" to lure Booth out there and make him realize that this is somehow about. Booth heads to the lot, where they have a very civil exchange. Brodsky, in Christopher Walken voice, casually denies his involvement - until his running away sort of implies guilt.
  • Booth chases, twists his ankle, survives a bizarre explosion and still gets the opportunity to take Brodsky out. But he doesn't, which will clearly come back to haunt him when he kills more people. We'd argue with this somewhat nonsensical climax, except Boreanaz's delivery of "I don't need a warrant, this land belongs to Seeley Booth" more than makes up for any plot loopholes.


For the shippers:

  • As if they didn't already have enough baggage with the gravedigger, Angela discuses with Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) about how horrible it would be to have a child fall victim to a serial killer. And then she has the gall to question his morals when he says he's happy about the shooting. This could bring up his victim trauma again, but there's whimsical music playing, so we think it will be OK.
  • The cameo by Max allows for another person to get the low-down on the dissolution of Brennan and Booth. He says that he thought they'd end up together and Brennan cuts the conversation short. She's still quite raw over this.
  • Caroline, in full force this episode, exercises her rights as mother hen and lynchpin by snapping Sweets out of his emotional coma... by telling him that she peed her pants when the gravedigger's head exploded. We don't want to take away from this sincere display with sarcasm, but, come on, she peed her pants.
  • We end on a tender moment between Brennan and her father, which is made even better by the shot of Booth, behind the venetian blinds of the Royale Diner, looking longingly in her direction.


Brennanism Caroline-ism of the week:

"Don't just stand there. We got a shrink that needs shrunk and a headless child-killer in a puddle of brains."

So what did you think of the episode? Are you excited for the new big bad?

Photo/Video credit: FOX