'Bones' Season 8 finale photos: Will Booth and Brennan get engaged or break up?

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The "Bones" Season 8 finale is almost here, and the big question concerns what will happen to Booth and Brennan before summer. Throughout the season, there have been hints that a marriage proposal might be coming. But will it? Or will we get some sort of break up? Oh, and what about the return of evil mastermind Christopher Pelant?

Photos from the finale, "The Secret in the Siege," give us some hints.

First of all, there is the issue of the case. This is one of those personal, tough ones for the characters to survive. Several FBI agents who were close to Booth ( David Boreanaz) are murdered -- and Pelant ( Andrew Leeds) may be behind it. At the same time, Brennan ( Emily Deschanel) and Booth need to make major decisions about their relationship.

Things still look good between Booth and Brennan as they approach the first crime scene of the episode.

bones-season-8-finale-secret-in-the-siege-fox-1-booth-brennan.jpgWhat has Hodgins ( T.J. Thyne) found? A razor? A piece of paper?

bones-season-8-finale-secret-in-the-siege-fox-2-hodgins-tj-thyne.jpgBrennan has a pensive moment with what might be a skull.

bones-season-8-finale-secret-in-the-siege-fox-3-brennan-emily-deschanel.jpgBooth approaches yet another crime scene.

bones-season-8-finale-secret-in-the-siege-fox-4-booth-david-boreanaz.jpgIt looks like Brennan might be worried about Booth.

bones-season-8-finale-secret-in-the-siege-fox-5-booth-brennan.jpgBooth has to go undercover on a construction crew in order to track down a suspect.

bones-season-8-finale-secret-in-the-siege-fox-6-booth-david-boreanaz.jpgObviously, his undercover work is successful.

bones-season-8-finale-secret-in-the-siege-fox-7-booth.jpgDoes Booth have the right guy (guest star Beau Knapp)?

bones-season-8-finale-secret-in-the-siege-fox-8-booth.jpgBrennan waits for Booth with what looks like a bag of dog food but probably isn't.

bones-season-8-finale-secret-in-the-siege-fox-9-brennan-emily-deschanel.jpgThe couple seems happy here.

bones-season-8-finale-secret-in-the-siege-fox-10-booth-brennan.jpgVery happy.

bones-season-8-finale-secret-in-the-siege-fox-11-booth-brennan-kiss.jpgBrennan continues to work on the evidence.

bones-season-8-finale-secret-in-the-siege-fox-12-brennan-emily-deschanel.jpgBooth looks like he is reconsidering a decision.

bones-season-8-finale-secret-in-the-siege-fox-13-booth-david-boreanaz.jpgIs this an ultimatum sort of a situation? What will be the outcome?

The "Bones" Season 8 finale, "The Secret in the Siege," airs on Monday, April 29 at 8pm on FOX.

Photo/Video credit: FOX