'Bones' wedding photos: David Boreanaz tweets a first look at Booth and Brennan's big day

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The "Bones" wedding is coming someday soon, and star David Boreanaz has already tweeted photos of himself and co-star Emily Deschanel in what looks like their characters' wedding attire. Is this the first look we are going to get of the big Season 9 event?

Boreanaz posted the first photo on Tuesday (Sept. 17). The caption read:

"Booth heading to the..."

bones-wedding-david-boreanaz-tuxedo-booth-twitter.jpgIn the accompanying photo, Boreanaz is seen wearing a tuxedo shirt and bowtie, posing behind a hockey parking sign.

While this photo technically could have indicated any formal event, a second photo made things a little clearer. This one, posted on Wednesday (Sept. 18), showed Deschanel posing with a rather "Bones"-friendly wedding cake:

"Photo Bomb @emilydeschanel style."

bones-wedding-emily-deschanel-brennan-cake-topper-twitter.jpgThe photo doesn't show much, but Deschanel is definitely wearing white.

Although everyone associated with "Bones" has promised a wedding between Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan in Season 9, there has been no indication of when that event might occur. The couple can't even get engaged until serial killer and super-hacker Christopher Pelant ( Andrew Leeds) is apprehended -- he has promised to commit more murders if Booth follows through on engagement plans.

Hopefully, official wedding photos and a date will be coming soon to the "Bones" world!

"Bones" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

Photo/Video credit: David Boreanaz via Twitter