Bonnie Raitt announces 'Slipstream' release date, first album in seven years

bonnie-raitt-getty.jpg Bonnie Raitt, recently named by Rolling Stone as one of the Top 100 guitarists of all time, is releasing a new studio album in 2012, she tells the AP. The album is called "Slipstream" and is her first in seven years, following a break in which she lost both her parents, her brother and her best friend.

" I hadn't stopped moving in a very long time so I really wanted to take a total break and not concentrate on making a new record or what I was going to do next. So that was really valuable because I waited until I was really ready to come back," says Raitt.

The 12-track album features an eclectic mis of blues, rock and soul, with even a dash of reggae and Celtic sounds. On the album, Raitt covers Bob Dylan's "Million Miles" and "Standing in the Doorway." She calls it a "new batch of great songs."

The album will be out April 10.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images