'Borgias' canceled by Showtime: Series finale airs June 16

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jeremy-irons-borgias-season-3.jpgIt's bye bye to "The Borgias" at Showtime, as the cable network officially cancels the historical drama after three seasons.

Deadline reports that although Showtime was recently considering a standalone TV movie in place of a full fourth season, the network has confirmed that the upcoming Season 3 finale on June 16 will also serve as the series finale.

Apparently the decision was prompted by both financial and creative concerns, as a TV movie would have been quite pricey and network executives feared the storyline could have been "anti-climactic." Showtime Entertainment president David Nevins tells Deadline that the upcoming series finale serves as a "nice ending [and] a good climax."

Series creator Neil Jordan shared his plans for the wrap-up movie with Deadline: "I wanted a totally biblical ending, for the pope to burn in hell," Jordan says. The plan involved a dying Pope Alexander VI ( Jeremy Irons) searching for someone to listen to his confession. By the time he finds someone willing to hear it, he learns it's already too late -- he's actually dead. "This satisfies all moral feelings about the pope," Jordan tells Deadline.

Although Showtime won't be making it, Jordan plans to shop the "Borgias" movie concept elsewhere.
Photo/Video credit: Showtime