'Born This Way': Lady Gaga director says music came after video

Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" tease, a remixed track for a Thierry Mugler promotional video, may look expertly choreographed, but the director says the music came after production and editing wrapped.

MTV News reports that fashion photographer and video director Mariano Vivanco only heard bits and pieces of it from Gaga collaborator and Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti.

"OK, I'll be 100 percent honest with you: We didn't get the music until after the video," says Vivanco. "Nicola hummed it to me and tried singing it to me. It was hilarious. And described it to me in a really articulate way. He said, 'It's techno meets Whitney Houston, in a really good way.'"

Not that he wasn't thrilled with the process. "Of course, words can't express the honor that [Gaga] would give us something so nice to work with," he continues. "When I hear that song, and you hear it live like we did at the show, I'm like, 'She's done it again.'"

What do you think -- has she?
Photo/Video credit: MAC