Boston Strangler suspect Albert DeSalvo linked to crimes via DNA 50 years later

Though he was a longtime suspect for the crimes, investigators say they finally have enough evidence to link Albert SeSalvo to the Boston Strangler killings in the 1960s. His remains will now be exhumed for further testing, the Associated Press reports.

DeSalvo was linked through a "familial match," to DNA found at the scene of of the rape and murder of Mary Sullivan. She is believed to be the final victim of the Boston Strangler.

DeSalvo confessed to 11 of the Strangler killings at one point, along with two others, but was never convicted. He was eventually sentenced to life in prison for multiple armed robbery and sexual assault charges, and was killed in prison in 1973. Before he died, DeSalvo recanted his confession of the Boston Strangler murders.

Officials note that the DNA evidence doesn't connect DeSalvo to any other Strangler killings than Sullivan's, however investigators hope that solving the one case will put the matter to rest.
Photo/Video credit: Fair Use