'Bound 2' video: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's 5 most ridiculous moments

Kanye West has released the music video for "Bound 2" and it's sort of terrible. The video stars a nearly-naked and digitally altered Kim Kardashian, who rides with him on a motorcycle. 

Below, Zap2it has compiled a list of the seven craziest things you'll find in the video.

Kim's waist is one of the things that stands out the most as fake in the video. While she's not in bad shape at all, the video paints a very unrealistic, and definitely altered, picture of her.

Kim's also about as anatomically correct as a Barbie doll. For all the shots of her "naked" chest, computers have erased any nipples she might have.

What's with the horses? There's not much else to say, but why are they even there?

Speeding on a motorcycle is probably one of  the worst times to have sex, but don't tell Kim and Kanye. It's bad enough they're not wearing helmets, but Kim stripping off her clothes and straddling him is the opposite of road safety.

The green screen is just plain bad. Kanye is a pretty big name in the rap world, you'd think he could afford some decent production value. Instead, it's painfully obvious the entire video was shot standing in a studio while he pretended to ride a motorcycle that wasn't actually moving, rather than in Arizona.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/YouTube