Box Office: 'Apollo 18,' 'Shark Night 3D' fail to lure theater-goers

apollo-18b.jpgThe first night of the Labor Day holiday weekend was an unremarkable one for box office returns. According to The Wrap, the weekend's "big" openers -- "Apollo 18" and "Shark Night 3D" failed to attract much in the way of ticket sales on Friday (Sept. 2). Meanwhile, the Emma Stone-fronted "The Help" held firm in the top position, grossing about $3.5 million for the night.

Both "Apollo 18" (fictional "found footage" from a secret NASA mission) and "Shark Night 3D" (no description necessary) racked up just $2.8 million each.

Helen Mirren's "The Debt" (an espionage thriller) also grossed $2.5 million and, according to The Wrap, the overall domestic box office was down about 9 percent from the same weekend last year.