Box Office: 'Jackass 3D' class clowns trump 'Social Network' geeks

jackass-3d-bull.pngShattering expectations, "Jackass 3D" pranked its way to a $50 million opening weekend. Critics wondered if fans would still be interested in watching Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O get shaken up in a port-a-potty 10 years after the TV show debuted on MTV... but the fans were interested, and they flocked to theaters in droves.

Given the movie's relatively small $20 million budget, this is a hell of a coup for Paramount and MTV.

Many were also surprised at the success of "Red," given that it's a PG-13 film that skews older, featuring stars like Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and Helen Mirren. Ticket sales rose significantly from Friday to Saturday, indicating good word-of-mouth.

Those computer geeks from Oscar-buzzed "The Social Network" fell to number three, followed by "Secretariat" and "Life as We Know It" rounding out the top five.