Box office: 'Paranormal Activity 2' has the best horror opening ever

paranormal2-box-office.jpg"Paranormal Activity 2" snagged the biggest box-office opening ever for a horror film this weekend. Not bad for a film that only cost a reported $3 million to make.

The followup to last year's out-of-nowhere hit grossed $41.5 million this weekend, according to studio estimates. That makes it the top horror-movie opening of all time, passing last year's remake of "Friday the 13th," which made $40.5 million in its first weekend.

"Paranormal 2" slowed down some after its $20 million opening day, which included a large number of Thursday midnight screenings. But it still made almost double the $21.1 million the first "Paranormal Activity" grossed in its first weekend of wide release last year.