'Boy Meets World' spin-off 'Girl Meets World' casts the new Shawn: Maya will be Sabrina Carpenter

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sabrina-carpenter-girl-meets-world.jpgFollowing up on the "Boy Meets World" spin-off casting news that came earlier this week, EW has announced another key player.

"Girl Meets World" will star Rowan Blanchard as Riley, Cory and Topanga's daughter. Additionally, we've just learned that 13-year-old singer Sabrina Carpenter will play Riley's best friend, Maya Fox, who is essentially filling the Shawn Hunter role in the sequel series.

Carpenter is a Pennsylvania native signed to Hollywood Records, and has previously been associated with Disney through her music. Her first single, "Smile," was on the Disney Fairies soundtrack albums and charted on Radio Disney.

EW reports that despite Carpenter's obvious talents -- check out her video below -- there are no plans to make Maya a singer.

Where Riley is an optimistic, hopeful child, Maya is a little darker and her family situation isn't ideal, just like Shawn's home life was difficult. Maya is described as having "acerbic wit" and being "absolutely magnetic in attracting or intimidating the people in her sphere as she cares to. Dark and edgy, but just as fiercely loyal to Riley as Riley is to her." She's extremely close to Riley's family -- particularly Cory, who is her history teacher.

Check out Sabrina in the video below.