Boyz II Men release 'One Up for Love' music video from new album 'Twenty'

boyz-ii-men-getty-album.jpg Boyz II Men is back on the music scene with their 10th studio album, released 20 years after their debut record "Cooleyhighharmony." The album is appropriately titled "Twenty" and is a combination of eight of their previous hits and 12 new tracks, including "One Up For Love," the music video for which has just been released.

Tenor Wanya Morris tells MTV News, "'Twenty' is our latest effort. It consists of the span of 20 years of our career. It's been seven years since we did an album with our own music; it felt like it was time to put our efforts and our maturity and all of the things we gained through the 20 years on this album. We're trying our best to transcend time, but at the same time maintain our integrity and allow people to see the maturity as well."

Baritone Nathan Morris adds, "Music is who we are. Our concepts may be different; obviously, it's 20 years later, [and] we've grown. But the music itself is the constant."

We're curious to check out the album, which will not feature their legendary bass man Michael McCary, who left the group in 2003 due to both medical issues and personnel conflicts. When we heard the Boyz II Men sans McCary perform recently on "Rachael Ray," we were surprised at how much we miss the deep bass in their sound.

"Twenty" dropped Oct. 12 - have you checked it out yet? You can also catch Boyz II Men on Justin Bieber's upcoming Christmas album "Under the Mistletoe."

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images