Brandi Glanville's lesbian hookup, Joanna Krupa's 'prostitute' wedding dress and more from Whitney Cummings

whitney-cummings-getty.jpgComedian and creator of "2 Broke Girls" Whitney Cummings was on "Watch What Happens Live" Monday (Nov. 4) where she was full of snarky remarks about the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Cummings offers a little insight into Brandi Glanville's sex life, saying, "From what I understand, she's not interested in [men], she's interested in women," to which host Andy Cohen says, "More to come this season, actually."

Cummings then says, "I know someone, I know a woman who got with her. Yes, I do. ... If this doesn't make you want to tune into this god**** show 'Housewives,' I don't know what will."

It would not be the first time, as Glanville has said in her book "Drinking and Tweeting" that she's a "waist-up lesbian."

As for Joanna Krupa's wedding, which just aired on the "Real Housewives of Miami" finale, Cummings quips of Joanna's rather skimpy wedding dress, "I think it's very pragmatic to pick up a couple bucks as a prostitute on your wedding day."

And here's what Cummings would do if she had to spend a day with each "RHOBH":

Brandi Glanville: "We would go to a deli and I would get her a sandwich so she could eat something because she's starving."

Kim Richards: "She looks a little sad, we would get her brows done so they go up, so she would look a little happier."

Lisa Vanderpump: "I would give her an Ambien, knock her out, take this ring and put it on eBay."

Carlton Gebbia: "We would do everything except go to the tanning bed."

Giggy the dog: "Jiggy and I would talk all day because he's probably the only person on the show I could carry on a conversation with."

Kyle Richards: "We would go to Rite-Aid and get a prescription for Xanax, because she needs to calm down."

Yolanda Foster: "We would go down to the social security office and I would let her know that her real name is not Yolanda. Her real name is Tammy and you know it."
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images