Bravo vs. Logo: Meet the rumored 'Real A-List' contenders. Meow.

How did Bravo end up "Tardy to the Party" in releasing a gay version of "The Real Housewives"? After all, aren't they the network that got its biggest boost from its gay programming, including "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," which put the network on the pop culture map, snagging Newsweek and EW covers to boot?

Rumors have been swirling that Bravo will start production on its own version of Logo's "The A-List: New York" and despite the network's typical "no comment," our buddies at Access Hollywood have been sorting through the hot mess to find out what's really going on.

Playfully nicknamed "From The Bottom To The Top" by New York City gays, that title has apparently never officially been attached to Bravo's production as Vice President of Original Programming and Development, Andy Cohen, denied on Twitter.

"The A-List: New York" was one of Zap2it's guilty pleasures of 2010, so how can Bravo best it in 2011? For us, it will come down to the cast.

Access Hollywood reports that six cast members have signed on to participate in the Bravo production with a seventh gay still to be determined. And Zap2it's sources gave us a few more deets on the rumored cast, a tight-knit group who call themselves "The Plastics" (hi, "Mean Girls") plus a first look photo.

Meet "The Plastics":

Five of the rumored seven potential cast members of Bravo's untitled "gay househusbands" reality show. (Pictured from left-to-right): New York's John Paul Fleming (who's rumored to be in consideration for the open spot), Kristopher Haigh, Jordan Carlyle, Kenneth Gillett and Mark Silver.

  • Kenneth Gillett, a book industry publicist, who writes his own blog covering politics, celebrity and pop culture.

  • Mark Silver, a fashion event publicist, who founded Factory PR. Rumor has it that there isn't a plastic surgeon he doesn't like.

  • Jordan Carlyle, the artist and designer, whose art is available through CB2, who we hear has a set of abs to rival "Jersey Shore's" "The Situation."

  • Christopher Fawcett, model and Carlyle's off-again-on-again boyfriend... Drama!

  • Joey Giuntoli, a style showroom owner, who's well connected in the fashion industry. 

  • Kristopher Haigh, a British designer who currently works for Penguin and promotes gay events along with Gillett, is known to have quite the sense of humor and is typically the life of the party.

While Bravo's cameras will reportedly start rolling in early-2011, the show has not been officially greenlit by the network. 

Which network do you think will capture the gay reality show crown?
Photo/Video credit: Facebook