'Breaking Amish' reunion special to address fake rumors

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breaking-amish-fake-tlc.jpgTLC will directly address the rumors that its so-called reality show "Breaking Amish," features men and women who have not been associated with the Amish community for some time, when the network airs a two-part reunion special.

Starting Sunday, Nov. 11 at 10 p.m. and concluding the following week, Sunday, Nov. 18 at 10 p.m., Jeremiah, Kate, Abe and Rebecca will address all of the gossip surrounding their show, like if some of them have been married, have kids or been arrested (we know for certain that at least two of those things are true).

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TLC announces in a press release that not only will the cast confront each other about things that happened during their stay in New York, they'll also "disclose where their relationships currently stand with their family and friends, and tackle the rumors and questions about the authenticity of their Amish and Mennonite backgrounds."

Will you tune in to the reunion special? Do you think the show has been faked? Does it matter if it is fake?
Photo/Video credit: TLC