'Breaking Bad': Final two episodes extended by 10 minutes each

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breaking-bad-513-tohajiilee.jpgYou'll have a few extra minutes to say your goodbyes to Walter White and "Breaking Bad."

The last two episodes of the series will run about 10 minutes longer than usual. Both episodes, Sunday's (Sept. 22) "Granite State" and the Sept. 29 finale, "Felina," will run from 9 to 10:15 p.m. ET. (Previous episodes have ended at 10:04 or 10:05.)

We'd say "adjust your DVRs accordingly," but chances are that's already happened.

Additionally, AMC has scheduled an hour-long "Talking Bad" immediately following the series finale. That will push "Low Winter Sun" to 11:15 on the 29th.

Photo/Video credit: AMC