'Breaking Bad' premiering at Comic-Con, plus more Season 5 pics

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breaking-bad-s5-cast.jpg "Breaking Bad" will begin its fifth season a day early -- if you're lucky enough to make it into a screening of the season premiere at Comic-Con.

The show is making its first-ever pilgrimage to San Diego and will feature a panel with all the returning cast, including Emmy winners Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, on Saturday, July 14. The panel will also include a screening of the season premiere, titled "Live Free or Die."

Those of us not at Comic-Con will have to wait until "Breaking Bad" premieres the following night on AMC. In the meantime, though, the cable channel has released a slew of photos from the coming season, including the cast shot at the top of the post. And look -- Mike ( Jonathan Banks) has apparently recuperated sufficiently from the gunshot wound he suffered in Mexico late last season and has returned to Albuquerque. Further proof is in this shot from "Live Free or Die."

breaking-bad-501-junk.jpgAMC has also released new posed shots of Walt (Cranston) and Jesse (Paul) standing behind a shattered pane of what looks like Walt's signature blue meth, and the two cookers relaxing after a day in the lab.

breaking-bad-s5-glass.jpg breaking-bad-s5-suits.jpgSeason 5 of "Breaking Bad" debuts on AMC at 10 p.m. July 15.
Photo/Video credit: AMC