'Breaking Bad' season premiere sneak peek: Sorry to wake you

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It's almost here: After more than a year away, "Breaking Bad" returns to AMC Sunday night (July 17). We've got a little piece of the episode for you right now.

Season 4 begins right where Season 3 ended, which means that Walt ( Bryan Cranston) and Skyler ( Anna Gunn) are using some of Walt's meth-cooking profits to pay the hospital bills for Hank ( Dean Norris). In the scene above, Marie ( Betsy Brandt) brings the latest round of statements to Skyler early in the morning -- and is a little surprised by what she sees outside the house.

It's also a surprise to Skyler, who doesn't have any idea what her sister is talking about. When she does figure it out, though, we're guessing she won't be too pleased.

"Breaking Bad" airs at 10 p.m. ET Sunday on AMC. 
Photo/Video credit: AMC