'Breaking Bad' star Dean Norris tweets photos from the season-5 set

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How will "Breaking Bad" end its violent and critically acclaimed run? The true answers may have to wait for the second half of season 5 to air in the summer of 2013, but a few hints may be coming from the show's set now. Dean Norris, who plays meth-king brother-in-law and DEA Agent Hank Schrader, has been tweeting some amusing photos this week.

Norris, who only joined Twitter last Monday (Dec. 17), has wasted no time in posting the kinds of photos that make TV fans happy. While there are not too many spoilers included in Norris' tweets, the pictures are definitely worth a look.

The photo-tweeting began in a tame and innocent way (much like producing drugs, when you think about it):

"End ep 1. @bryancranston best acting director EVER"

Things did, however, get weird fairly quickly:

"Same Bad time. Same Bad channel. KAPOW! Hank using the batmobile to catch Heisenberg"

Norris' next "Breaking Bad"-related tweet came, alas, without a photo. That is really too bad.

" Vince Gilligan found under desk, tears, trembling,mumbling "sh*t now I gotta figure out how to END this b*tch" as world remains in tact"

Photos returned shortly thereafter in a duo that echoed Norris' big scene in the last season 5 episodes. On the toilet:

"First new episode BB titled The Decision. What's Hank's next move..."

It may have taken a long time to film the follow-up scene, based on the next applicable tweet:

"Ep 2 still on the can. I get deliberate pacing and all but geez it's getting ripe in here #IAMTHEONEWHOWIPES"

Does this satisfy your curiosity about the final episodes of "Breaking Bad"? Probably not. At least there are entertaining tweets to keep fans company until the summer.

Photo/Video credit: AMC, Twitter