'Breaking Pointe' recap: Curtain call

Previously on Breaking Pointe: The shows opened, and everyone except Allison and Rex did really well, despite some nerves. Allison's family visited, and they seemed really fixated on her ex-boyfriend. This week: There's one week left till closing night. And this is also the final episode of the miniseries, so fingers crossed for a) Rex making a clean break from Allison, b) Ronald turning Katie into a vampire, and/or c) Beckanne cutting her damn janky hair.

The brothers Tilton take Rex out for a morning-after breakfast to commiserate on how he ate it during his opening night "Petite Mort" performance. He lasts like two minutes into the conversation before bringing up Allison, last seen callously disregarding his feelings by drinking celebratory dressing room shots. Ronald and Ray look totally over the Rex-Allison bulls***. I feel you, gentlemen. Rex whines about how Allison didn't coddle him after his bad opening night the way he was there for her after hers, and Ronald replies, bored as all hell, "I guess that's how you find out who your real friends are." In other words, "DAMN, SON. She is just not that into you!" Ray seems to be mentally counting the support cables on the Golden Gate Bridge while Rex goes on some more about how he needs to do what is good for him. Honestly, my younger brothers wouldn't put up with five minutes of this kind of whining. Rex owes Ray and Ronald big, big glasses of whiskey for their patience.

At the theater, Adam is musing on his plans for next year. He says he's going to New York next week to scout new talent. As the dancers arrive for their class, Christiana mentions how hard everyone has worked already on the shows and how difficult it is to remain committed to the ensuing performances. Allison pirouettes and talking heads about how she's still a perfectionist or whatever. Sure. A perfectionist who needs a metronome. Ronnie congratulates himself on his fine performance in "Paquita." Beckanne says "some of the dancers" worry they'll be replaced when Adam goes to look at new dancers, but she doesn't seem very anxious, because she's NINETEEN and PERFECT and GAG.

After rehearsal, Jacqueline, one of the dancers we haven't met before, is reading the reviews of the show in the paper. Rex is glad that he didn't fall in the performance that was reviewed. Jacqueline reads aloud, and the review includes much praise of Christiana (who isn't there to hear it). There's further praise of the threesome performed by Katie C., Tom, and Jacqueline herself. Tom gives himself some snaps when he's called a "gifted partner." Yeah he is. When Jacqueline finishes, Allison says "reviews are strange" and elaborates on why she doesn't usually read them. Ah, I bet she doesn't own a TV, either. Jacqueline hands Katie C. the paper to keep, which is cute.

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