Bret Michaels hospitalized with warning stroke, hole in his heart

bret-michaels-phoenix.jpgAfter Bret Michaels' "Oprah" appearance on Wednesday (May 19), our biggest concern for the rock star and "Celebrity Apprentice" finalist was if the slight facial droop he appeared to have would eventually go away.

Now we get word via Michaels' Facebook page that he's back in the hospital after suffering a warning stroke. He experienced numbness on the left side of his body -- mainly his face and hands -- known as a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA).

As if that wasn't enough, while MRI and CT scan tests were being done, Michaels also received an ultrasound that proved positive for a Patent Forum Ovale (PFO), which is basically a hole in the heart.

Below is the statement from Michaels' doctor, Dr. Joseph Zambraski:

"There is no doubt that the positive Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) is devastating news to Bret and his family. The good news is that it is operable and treatable and we think we may have diagnosed the problem that caused the Transient Ischemic Attach [sic] (TIA) or warning stroke; however we feel it is highly unlikely this is connected to the brain hemorrhage he suffered just a few weeks earlier. Once again it is great that he quickly reacted to the severe numbness and got to the hospital immediately.