Brill and Eric Watch TV 225


We reevaluate Torchwood, are inspired by Superbad to go back to school with Undeclared and question the reality of FOX's Anchorwoman.

Though originally dismissive of Dr. Who spinoff Torchwood, we find a lot to like in subsequent episodes.

We had so much fun watching this week's No. 1 movie, Superbad, that we rushed home to check out an earlier Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen collaboration, the short-lived series Undeclared. See, we do more than watch TV. We see movies, too, sometimes.

Anchorwoman may be reality TV, but it feels fake ... Just not fake enough to be good.

There's also plenty of news afoot, from the cancellation of John From Cincinnati to the ratings records of Weeds and High School Musical 2. A replacement is named for Mandy Patinkin on Criminal Minds, while Anjelica Huston and James Marsters sign on for stints on two returning shows.