Brill and Eric Watch TV 226


We review five episodes of the new season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, discuss the marketing campaigns behind the fall premieres of Bionic Woman, Chuck, Pushing Daisies and other highly-anticipated fall debuts, and gauge New Orleaneans' sometimes surprising responses to the K-Ville pilot.

Season Three of FX's It's Always Sunny ... reunites Philly's most misanthropic miscreants but it's not easy to follow up episodes like last year's "Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom" and "Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare."

Gearing up the the fall season, the Big Five networks start flexing their marketing muscles in TV, print, online and other media. ABC and NBC are off to a promising start, with the competition aimlessly lagging behind.

K-Ville has already inspired discussion and debate among the people of New Orleans. We provide a glimpse of their varied reactions to the show's first episode and season it with a little perspective of our own.

In news, Heroes, Lost and 24 build their casts for next season, the Kid Nation legal inquiry heats up, Anchorwoman takes a dive and the least-loved show of next season gets new leadership late in the game.