Bristol Palin's new face looks surprisingly like her old one

bristol-palin-gma-before-after.jpgFormer "Dancing With the Stars" competitor and future reality-show-haver Bristol Palin received a lot of attention recently for looking completely different from her former self at a May 3 benefit for the Candie's Foundation.

It's been almost a week since the incriminating photo(s) emerged... yet no one is pointing out that on May 5, Palin appeared on "Good Morning America" looking almost the same as she did the last time she was on the show -- in November of 2010.

Yes, she's less tan, her hair is darker and she's clearly getting her eyebrows waxed by someone new, but it hardly screams "plastic surgery" or "dramatic weight loss."

Palin is experimenting with new looks (and camera angles), but if you cull through all the recent photos of her -- not just the media-seizure-inducing image in question -- I think you'll agree that she probably hasn't had any dramatic procedures.

Let's go through a quick timeline...

Nov. 24, 2010: "Good Morning America," residual "DWTS" spray tan intact

April 30, 2011: White House Correspondents' Association of Slightly Pixeliated Side-shots

May 3, 2011: The Candie's Foundation 2011 Event To Prevent Start Rumors

bristol-exhibit-c.jpg May 5. 2011: "Good Morning America" (Apparently everyone watched "Today" that morning.)


Photo/Video credit: ABC, Getty Images