Britney Spears can still go bra-less! Is this a good thing?

britney-spears-bra.jpgDespite all the contrary reports, Britney Spears' conservator/father, Jamie Spears, has not given her an ultimatum to wear a bra because he's embarrassed by her once-perky but now decidedly southward pointing nipples.

Hey, it's called gravity and it happens.

As the tale goes, Jamie  was mortified by recent pics of Brit showing off her nipples, so he issued a "must-wear-bra" edict.

But TMZ reports that Jamie practically busted a gut laughing when he heard the story.

Their sources close to the fam say there's no brassiere bondage law in place.

No word on those additional rumors that he made her break up with her manager boyfriend, Jason Trawick.