Britney Spears role plays in Fantasy Twist perfume commercial

Britney Spears has released a full-length commercial spot as a follow-up to the two-faced print ad for her fragrance duo, Fantasy Twist.

The spot shows Britney as Cleopatra, voguing a la Madonna -- stay with us here -- as she spins down a hotel hallway, inspiring eager voyeurs to watch feverishly through their peep holes.

The "X Factor" judge then morphs into a silent film style flapper, a disco diva, and a glammed up goth, as she seduces the camera and the aforementioned hotel guests.

A rendition of Spears' 2011 single, "Set Me On Fire" sets the mood, as we are forced to imagine what each of Britney's various incarnations must smell like.

Photo/Video credit: YouTube